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"When it comes to natural cosmetics, it’s not about what’s in it.  It’s about what’s not in it”

Caolion was created by Founder and Chairwoman Jinyoung Joo in the mid-1990’s due to her personal frustrations of being unable to find suitable and reliable skincare solutions for her sensitive skin.  She tried many products in the market, but found them to be ineffective, leaving her skin irritated.  She was left questioning whether there were any skincare products suited for sensitive skin.  She unearthed the answer from Korea’s ancient traditional beauty secrets that dated back thousands of years that were based on pure and natural ingredients.  And so Caolion Cosmetics was born.

Healthy skin begins with cleansing the skin from impurities and restoring its health through deep pore purification.  Caolion is focused on creating high quality cosmetic and skincare products that is natural, free of harmful chemicals and artificial additives such as parabens, alcohol, dyes and synthetic fragrances, to deliver long lasting results. 

Caolion uses eco-friendly and innovative manufacturing methods to ensure they are an environmentally and socially responsible company.

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