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For the love of beauty and elegance. Discover your inner beauty.

Aniqa is a Perth based Australian company, specialising in Asian skincare products, primarily Korean skincare. Korea is famous for its skincare products, and it has even been stated overseas as surpassing France as the new leaders in skincare.

So, how did we get onto Korean skincare? We, at Aniqa personally tried Korean skincare products and were hooked. Not only were the products affordable, but most importantly they were effective. However, we found it difficult to get our hands Korean skincare products in Australia, and had to rely on friends and families traveling to Asia to replenish our stock.

We started to look for alternatives, and eventually came to the conclusion that the products were too good to keep to ourselves, and decided to share the experience with others, by starting a business that brought Korean beauty to your doorstep. This would also solve our personal supply issues. Killing two birds with one stone – bonus.

So, Aniqa was created.  Aniqa is of Persian origin and means "elegant and beautiful”, and epitomizes the brand so eloquently. What woman or even man wouldn't want beautiful skin that is well hydrated and radiant?

At Aniqa, we believe in the products we offer. We have no hesitation in introducing it to friends and family, as it has delivered positive results for us. Most of the brands we have selected are what we would consider boutique brands. Each brand has a special focus, whether it be hydration, pore care or anti-aging. We believe there is something for everyone, however if there’s something that you think we may have missed, we are always open to feedback and suggestions.

Aniqa’s focus is on offering specially curated brands and products that are effective and well priced to the Australian customers. We are confident and more than impressed by the products that we offer and are confident that once you have tried Korean skincare products, you won’t look back. Take the first step towards discovering the your inner beauty.

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For the love of beauty and elegance. Discover your inner beauty.


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