Clensure RC - Rotating Facial CleanserClensure RC - Rotating Facial Cleanser



Clensure RC - Rotating Facial Cleanser

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Clensure RC, is a Professional Rotating Facial Cleanser that helps give skin a deep clean by gently removing and sloughing away makeup, dirt and other impurities on the skin. Leaves skin looking brighter and feeling cleaner.  

With two different speeds, it will provide you with both a smooth gentle daily cleanse and a stronger, deeper cleanse, depending on your skin's needs - this can vary from day to day.

With a waterproof design, you can feel safe and at ease if water gets on the unit.  Simply wipe dry when finished cleaning.

It has an ergonomic and compact design with a great grip that makes cleansing that much easier.  Being battery operated, it can easily travel with you and can be used anywhere.

The brush and sponge applicators are gentle enough to be used daily.

Professional Facial Deep Cleansing Brush

The antibacterial brush will help cleanse your skin and aid in cleaning blackheads. 

Professional Facial Daily Cleansing Sponge

Smooth antibacterial sponge that removes skin wastes in pores without causing irritation.

The pack includes:

  • The Professional Facial Cleanser device
  • A soft brush applicator
  • A soft sponge applicator
  • 2 AA batteries

Pack includes:

  • The Professional Facial Cleanser device
  • A soft brush applicator
  • A soft sponge applicator
  • 2 AA batteries

Place a small amount of cleanser to your palm, add water and apply to your face.  Alternatively, you can apply cleanser onto dampened face.

Moisten the brush/sponge and remove excess water.  Attach the brush/sponge to the Professional Facial Cleanser.

Press the power button on the facial cleanser and gently massage your face with the device in a circular motion for no more than 60 seconds.  Hold the device lightly and smoothly circulate the device over your skin.  

Note: The device has a built in safety feature that is designed to stop the head if too much pressure is applied.  Avoid use on delicate areas such as around or too close to your eyes.

Rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Remove the brush/sponge from the device.  Rinse the brush/sponge with water.  Remove excess water.  Cap it and place face down to store.

When the brush/sponge is damaged or deformed, please replace with a new one.

With daily use it is recommended to change the brush head every 3 months and the cleansing sponge every 2 months.

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